1. No blank nicknames
  2. No inappropriate nicknames.
  3. No sexually explicit nicknames.
  4. No offensive nicknames.
  5. No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode that cannot be @mentioned.
  6. No inappropriate profile pictures.
  7. No sexually explicit profile pictures.
  8. No offensive profile pictures.
  9. Our staff reserve the right to change nicknames if it doesn’t comply with our rules.
  10. No exploiting loopholes in the rules (also known as rule-play).
  11. No inviting bots, this is a big, big no-no!
  12. No bugs, exploits, glitches, hacks, bugs and instead, report them for points!
  13. These rules apply when private messaging other members.
  14. No racism or discrimination of any sort will be tolerated.

We take illegal activity on our platform(s) very seriously and will take appropriate action and inform the relevant authorities such as the Police. Any reports made in this regard are strictly confidential.

  1. No hacking or bug abuse.
  2. You may be called onto Discord for a support issue. A message will be sent out to you 3 times within 5 minutes. If you fail to respond, you may be kicked.
  3. No random death-matching.
  4. Hitting someone with a vehicle can only take place when your life is directly threatened.
  5. No exiting vehicles while restrained. This includes after you’ve been placed in a car.
  6. Do not ‘combat-log’ to avoid a situation, this is where you log out of the game to avoid something happening, such as getting robbed.
  7. If your radio/communications have been taken, which happens when you are restrained you must not communicate by any means other than direct chat.
  8. No aggressive behavior outside of role play.
  9. No rule playing, this is where you find a loop-hole in a rule. Instead, inform us of this loop-hole and you’ll be rewarded with points.
  10. Issues are to be discussed in support cases within Discord only and not in-game chat or anywhere else.
  11. Anything in-game mechanics can be used as evidence/intel for role-playing, eg. Josh killed Michael.
  12. Discord or TeamSpeak cannot be used to gather intel e.g. Someone in the terrorist channel having not declared. This is meta-gaming.
  1. No crime in green zones.
  2. Civilians must be in a gang to aide each other. E.G in a gunfight.
  3. Explosive weaponry can only be used after declaring terrorism.
  4. Vehicles with mounted weapons can only be used after declaring terrorism.
  5. You must wait 15 minutes to return to an active situation in which you were killed.
  6. Hits must be advertised and accepted over global chat.
  7. Jobs that grant special privileges cannot be used for criminal activity e.g. tow truck driver.
  1. Must be on TeamSpeak 3 in a police channel.
  2. Jailing and ticketing guidelines must be followed as according to the Arma.Life act.
  3. Cannot commit crimes.
  4. Cannot be corrupt.
  5. Must only use police gear.
  6. Must always carry a non-lethal weapon.
  7. Vehicles with mounted weapons can only be deployed when there is an active terrorist threat or martial law has been declared.
  8. Police must not fire upon vehicles traveling over 15 kmh  without permission given through the in game system unless the suspect(s) are actively engaging in fire fights or are terrorists .
  9. Terrorist are KOS/ AOS.
  10. Cops do not have NLR.
  11. No Intentional team kill/stun.
  1. Must be on TeamSpeak 3 in a UN channel.
  2. Cannot arrest civilians unless there are no police online.
  3. Cannot be corrupt.
  4. Terrorists are KOS/AOS.
  5. Must only use UN gear.
  6. Do not have NLR.
  7. No team kill/stun.
  1. Must be on TeamSpeak 3 in a medic channel.
  2. Cannot carry weapons.
  3. Cannot commit crimes.
  4. Cannot undertake additional money-making activities.
  5. Must remain impartial.
  6. Cannot revive in an active situation.
  7. Cannot be victims of crimes.
  1. Must be on TeamSpeak 3 in the terrorist channel.
  2. Can only be done after pressing the insert key to declare while having a terrorist licence.
  3. Must have a valid reason.
  4. Does not give the right to KOS.
  5. Terrorist vehicles can only be used after declaring.
  6. Explosive weapons can only be used after declaring.
  7. Once killed/arrested/logging you are no longer a terrorist – However may still be arrested if still wanted (Logging out).
  1. A Court case can be requested for any crime other than terrorism after a jail sentence has been served. Certain crimes allow for a court case to be held before serving of a jail sentence Murder, Manslaughter, Hit and run.
  2. If there is no judge available, then the court case can be requested up to an hour after being placed in jail.
  3. Judges must remain impartial.

Compensation will be granted on a case by case basis. A member of the administration team will calculate the amount owed based on items lost etc this however will be subject to provided evidence.

In the event of an unexpected server crash a compensation of 15K will be sent to all players online those requesting compensation above this will need to request this through a support case subject to evidence.